LeBron James has been doing big things ever since he got to the Los Angeles Lakers and while many were skeptical that he would ever win a championship there, he ended up doing so just a few months ago. Now, the Lakers are favorites to win the championship again as they were able to beef up their roster in the offseason. One of their biggest additions was Marc Gasol who came to the Lakers after a title-winning stint with the Toronto Raptors.

Last night, LeBron and the Lakers were able to blow out the Minnesota Timberwolves who came into the game undefeated. Gasol had arguably his best game as a Laker so far and at one point, LeBron and Gasol high-fived in a way that was familiar to Lakers fans. As it just so happens, the image was identical to a similar gesture between Kobe Bryant and Marc's brother, Pau.

LeBron was made aware of the two photos and as a result, he immediately took to Instagram with some fire emojis as a reaction. The two images are pretty cool and they mark two contrasting eras in Los Angeles Lakers history. Kobe means so much to the franchise and in many ways, LeBron is looking to honor him, every single game.

If LeBron and the Lakers win the title, James will have five titles which will match Kobe's total. Achieving that goal is at the top of LeBron's mind right now and 2021 is the perfect year to accomplish it.

LeBron James

John McCoy/Getty Images