LeBron James has been working hard to make sure that everyone eligible to vote, is allowed to do so. With his "More Than A Vote" organization, LeBron has teamed up with Dodgers Stadium and various other entities to help limit voter suppression, and give those in marginalized communities a greater voice. Unfortunately, a pro-Donald Trump group on the internet took James' efforts and twisted them for their own personal political gains.

According to the Washington Post, the group took LeBron's opinion on polling closures being a result of systemic racism and misconstrued it to say that LeBron was linking it all to the expansion of mail-in voting. Of course, this was simply never the case, and today, LeBron took to Twitter where he shed light on the situation, noting that he's unhappy with his words being used out of context and that he plans on seeking legal action.

"Nobody should be able to use my name (or anyone else name) to lie and deceive about the election. Not sure what we can do legally but definitely trying to figure it out," LeBron said.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding mail-in voting this election, as the President has even underfunded the USPS, as a way to limit the mail-in ballots being cast. While these efforts are in the midst of being challenged, there is no denying this will be one of the most contentious elections of our lifetime.