LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers came into this season with the weight of the world on their shoulders as many are full expecting them to repeat their championship from last season. It's going to be a tall task although, with the current Lakers roster in mind, it's clear that the team has a very solid chance of going all the way. After losing their season opener to the Clippers, the Lakers were able to beat the Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Day, by a score of 138-115.

It was a solid performance by numerous Lakers players although, at one point, LeBron embarrassed himself with an airball free throw. After the game, LeBron was asked about it and he had a pretty funny excuse about it all. As he explained in the clip below, wine had something to do with his poor shooting.

“I’m gonna go home and be double-fisting (wine) so I can not air-ball any more free throws,” LeBron said while laughing.

As many already know, LeBron is a big wine connoisseur so his response shouldn't be all that shocking. Besides, we're sure there are plenty of other players out there who would say the exact same thing. Meanwhile, LeBron and the Lakers will be using today to prepare for their next game as on Sunday, they take on the Minnesota Timberwolves in Los Angeles.

LeBron James

John McCoy/Getty Images