LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had a disappointing start to their season on Tuesday as they lost to the Clippers in a close game. LeBron and Anthony Davis didn't seem to be at their best which shouldn't be surprising given the fact the team only had just over 70 days to prepare for the season following their NBA title win last October. During the team's loss on Tuesday, LeBron seemingly rolled his ankle which had some fans feeling a bit concerned.

On Friday, the Lakers are set to participate in a Christmas Day matchup against the Dallas Mavericks, and fans were hoping to see LeBron James on their screens. As LeBron told reporters today, he fully intends on playing tomorrow and that he would never miss a Christmas Day game for anything unless it was extremely serious.

LeBron also spoke on just how different it has been to play in an empty arena and as you can imagine, James doesn't really like the feeling. He noted that it is quite strange and that it's something the entire team will need to continue getting used to. Luckily, the Lakers have experience when it comes to winning without fans, so this knowledge will certainly serve them well, moving forward.

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LeBron James

Harry How/Getty Images