Now that the NBA is on a hiatus, players are going to have to find something to do. When you're an athlete whose job it is to play basketball, it can be hard to find something to do all day. Many NBA players are already struggling with this as they try to self-quarantine and keep themselves sane. One of the highest-profile players in the league is none other than LeBron James, who was having himself an incredible season. While he may still get to resume it, there is no denying that the king has gone stir crazy.

On his Instagram story, James revealed that he has been watching some of his old games. In fact, LeBron went on a trip down memory lane as he loaded up some of his old games with Dwyane Wade from his Miami days. Even LeBron seemed to be impressed by some of his old work.

“Man we had more lobs in 4 years than the history of franchises itself," LeBron said. The clips were pretty impressive and it's hard to fault LeBron for being impressed by his own efforts. Wade and LeBron were a duo that was hard to top and there is no wonder as to how they were able to win two NBA titles and make it to four-straight finals.

Hopefully, LeBron can continue to find things to do during the quarantine.