LeBron James seemed helpless at times last season as he tried to carry a weak Los Angeles Lakers team to the playoffs. After getting injured on Christmas Day, the Lakers regressed and weren't able to hold onto their playoff spot. It was an embarrassing season for a team that was destined for greatness after the addition of one of the best players the sport has ever seen. 

This offseason, the Lakers hunkered down and vowed to get better at every single position. After trading a plethora of young players for Anthony Davis, the team immediately became a preseason favorite to win it all. On Saturday night, Davis made his preseason debut with the Lakers and dominated while playing against the Golden State Warriors. The big man finished the game with 22 points and 10 rebounds which helped him get some huge praise from LeBron himself.

"My dog a MONSTER!!! 😤.Damn it felt good to get back out there once again! Felt like a kid in a candy store," LeBron wrote. "Building good habits everyday along this process. Good start squad #LakeShow ðŸ‘‘✊🏾"

Based on his comments, it seems like LeBron is already used to his new teammate and is confident they'll be hooking up for some magical highlight-reel plays all season long. There is no denying just how good LeBron and AD are so now that they're teammates, the league is going to have to be on high-alert.