LeBron James is easily the biggest star in the entire NBA and when it comes to his reach, he is the most recognizable player basketball player on an international level. As a result, he can sell products better than any athlete out there, especially when it comes to shoes, alcohol, and any other business venture he gets himself involved in. This international acclaim has made him incredibly wealthy and by some estimates, he has a net worth of $500 million which is the highest amongst active NBA players.

This year is yet another huge one for LeBron who is set to star in Space Jam: A New Legacy which officially debuts next week. According to Forbes, LeBron's earnings are supposed to be the highest of his career in 2021, and they will propel him to a brand new milestone that puts him in unprecedented territory.

LeBron James

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In the new report, it was revealed that LeBron will make $95.4 million this year alone and a whopping $64 million will be from his wide range of endorsements. Once all is said in done in 2021, LeBron will have officially made $1 billion throughout his entire career, which makes him the first active athlete in American sports history to accomplish such a thing. $700 million of this money has been from his various off-court deals which just goes to show how marketable LeBron truly is.

By the end of his career, LeBron will be looking to expand his reach, and it is only a matter of time before his net worth reaches that $1 billion mark. Considering everything he's been through, it's truly an incredible accomplishment.

LeBron James

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