One of the major subplots of the current NBA season has been the Kyrie Irving/Lebron James offseason divorce, where the former demanded a trade and was subsequently traded to the Boston Celtics, contrary to Lebron's wishes that they work things out.

Therefore, tomorrow's matchup between the Celts and Cavs should be pencilled in as one to watch, if not one for the ages. There's a catch however; The higher ups in the Cavs organization just uprooted the whole roster by shipping out all the vets and bringing in loose parts and there really isn't any time to gel or make friends. Lebron solution to the whole affair: Plugging in his gaming console and running a simulation on his 2K Cavs roster in order to sort out his new teammates on-court tendencies.

 "No, I haven't. But I did bring my game console, and I will get it set up in Boston, get the updated rosters, and see how it translates,". 

No word on whether this manifestation will be taken up by other teams and players but I wouldn't bet against Lebron in the short run. The Cavs play the Celtics this Sunday at 3:30pm Eastern Time. Watch the interview below.

[via Complex]