Lil B isn't turning in his Eminem fan club card anytime soon. While the Detroit rapper's new album Revival has not received much praise from fans and critics, the Based God is "feeling" the new LP, as he revealed in a tweet today. "WE ARE PROUD OF YOU EM! AND ITS GREAT TO SEE YOU SURVIVE AND GROW MORE WISE OLDER AND GIVE US DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES," he wrote. "AND YOU STILL GIVING US DOPE BARS AND DOPE SONGS!! KEEP EM COMING! EMNIEM! [sic] WE STILL BELIEVE."

In a subsequent tweet, Lil B called out critics of the album, suggesting that they should feel "lucky" that a music legend such as Em is still making music. He went on to compare him to Lil Wayne.

From there, Lil B reminded fans of Eminem's strong catalogue. "I MEAN HE GAVE U 8 MILE SOUNDTRACK THATS NOT EVEN THE ABLUMS," he wrote, arguing that Eminem's status as a rap icon more or less absolves him of criticism.

He closes with the statement that people "get mad" at him when he states opinions on rap, and this should be no exception. Do you agree with Lil B's stance on Eminem? Let us know in the comments below.