Edit: Lil B apologized to Post Malone on Twitter for his comments.

It's never a dull day on Lil B's Twitter profile. He's arguably one of hip hop's original trolls and he's built that reputation through his social media presence. Earlier today, The Based God hit Twitter to put a curse on NBA vet, Kenyon Martin, for statements he made towards Jeremy Lin's new hairstyle. However, Martin may not be the only person he's after today.

In a series of tweets, Lil B seemed to have a bone to pick with Post Malone. The rapper took to Twitter earlier today, where he said "Post Malone is slowly turning into a white dude! Lol he’s pushing, it give it a few years he gon be full country and hate blacks lol." Post Malone ended up replying, saying "this is not lil b nerd. Die." Lil B ended up reassuring Post Malone that it is, indeed, the real Based God tweeting from the account and to also reinforce that he did also love him. However, that ended up making a 180 down the line. 

He says, "This is Lil B and fuck post Malone u ain’t hip hop bitch u don’t even rap keep sucking platinum rich dick fake ass Rick Rubin," before going on a full on roast session on Post Malone. For over an hour, Lil B clowned on Post Malone, referring to him as "French Toast Malone" and making other comments about how he isn't hip hop and is a country western singer. 

Aside from Post Malone, Lil B also called out Hopsin. The rapper said, "Also tell hopsin quit crying and more rapping u prob rapped more about ur girlfriend then anything else Ill mind if Lil boss." Before saying he's more lyrical than Hopsin and that he's trying too hard.

Who knows what exactly triggered this but it's definitely a funny way to cap off the week. 

Check the tweets below: