Lil B "No Black Person Is Ugly" Video

Patrick Lyons
July 30, 2014 18:37

Lil B says that "No Black Person Is Ugly" is his latest visual.

Lil B's currently readying a new mixtape, Ultimate Bitch, for release. Despite that seemingly-humorous title, the Based God's first single from the project is deep, serious and very powerful. Watch the "No Black Person Is Ugly" video above.

Touching on the whitewashed image of beauty perpetuated by the American media (brilliantly highlight by Lil B in the video when he peruses the tabloid aisle in a grocery store), the song finds the rapper highlighting black beauty: 

"I was told that you got a afro, or you got a big nose
That your lips are too big, you talking low
My people understand so why you don't know?"

The video brings to mind the very powerful, disturbing "doll test" that was done on children to determine whether they find black or white dolls to be the "pretty" one. 

You're doing God's... errr... Based God's work, Lil B.

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Lil B "No Black Person Is Ugly" Video