The Based God is not to be disrespected. Not unless you're willing to run the risk of being cursed. Lord only knows that most would rather steer clear of such misfortune. Either way, the heretics can go elsewhere; this one is for the Lil B fans. Should you count yourselves among that distinguished group, you may very well already know the news. The Based God has officially given an update on his future musical endeavors, which seem to point to a continuation of his popular "Flame" saga.

"Platinum flame 80 percent done new Lil b music videos soon!!!!!! Love you!!!," writes B, ever the bastion of positive energy. "Shouts out to everyone who loves Lil b!! I love you for life!!!!!!!! Belive that !!! New Lil b music soon!!" Fans will recognize the "Flame" brand makes up an acclaimed component of his extensive catalog, with entries spanning across the entire color spectrum, from Blue to Red to White to Black to Green. For anybody who has ever played Crash Bandicoot, you're well aware of the importance of platinum; the title seems to suggest that Based God is sitting on his best project in a minute. 

If that's not enough, he also promised several new music videos to accompany the drop. It's hard to say when he'll be lining up these releases, but it stands to reason that 2018 will bring a new dose of music from the phenomenon.