Earlier this year, Lil Baby and the mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves, hinted repeatedly that they were no longer together. In February, the rapper conducted an interview that left his fans scratching their heads about his relationship status. "I really ain't too deep on love with a female — not right now," Lil Baby said. "If I f*ck with you, I f*ck with you, but I can deal with you and not love you." A fan tweeted Jayda asking for clarification, but she just told the person that she didn't need to elaborate because "y'all heard the man clear."

In another interview, Lil Baby didn't give many answers pertaining to his romance with Jayda, but he did state that no matter what happens, they would always remain cordial with one another because they share a child. He denied any allegations from Alexis Skyy that they were ever in a relationship but made sure to note that he and Jayda would always remain friends. It looks as if Lil Baby and Jayda may be back to being lovers and friends because she shared a picture to her Instagram Story that got the rumor mill stirring.

In the snapshot, Jayda and Lil Baby are seen kissing as he grabs her backside. The photo elicited a number of responses, but if they're happy, then that's all that matters. Check out the lovey-dovey couple-non-couple below.