In the middle of Kanye West's heated rant on Twitter about his wife Kim Kardashian, he dropped seeds that he wanted to collaborate with Lil Baby, who he referred to as his favorite rapper.

"Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song. That’s fucced up," wrote the Atlanta rapper after hearing of Ye's wish to collaborate.

Well, it looks like things may be coming full circle because Lil Baby hopped on a private flight and, according to internet sleuths, he has landed in Cody, Wyoming, the location of Kanye's ranch.

Several sources have reported that Lil Baby is in Wyoming to record music with Kanye West because, to be honest, why else would anybody fly to Wyoming in the middle of the summer during a pandemic? It's not exactly the most popular tourist destination.

The rapper shared content from his trip and, when people checked the flight log, it was confirmed that he was on his way from Atlanta on a private jet.

Perhaps this is the reason why we did not receive Kanye's previously-announced album Donda: With Child. The body of work was previously announced for a release on July 24. Obviously, that never happened. Maybe Ye was just waiting on Lil Baby to get back to him?

Kim Kardashian also made the trip out to Wyoming to be with her husband, attempting to make things right with him and being pictured during an intense moment in the car.