Coronavirus quarantine is putting on a damper on many artists' careers, as they're unable to tour, or go outside in general, whether it's business meetings or a recording studio. Nonetheless, it's fair to say that most mainstream artists have a home studio set-up, and are still able to work on new music during this period. Lil Baby has been prepping and teasing his Lamborghini Boys album pre-coronavirus takeover, and now he's made a new announcement where that album is concerned.

Not that we can really be mad at an album delay, Baby just did drop My Turn at the end of February. It was a couple of short weeks laters that he first announced the project, Lamborghini Boys, an album he said that would only feature fellow Lambo-owners. At the time, he said it would drop in 60 days. However on Twitter today, he said he'll be delaying the album "until we [back] outside."

Good idea or nah? I'm sure we'd all love more music in these quarantined times, but at the same time, it's difficult to promote a new project when going to radio shows, clubs and the like is not a possibility.

We'll keep you posted on new details surrounding Lamborghini Boys.