Proving that his family unit is secure, Lil Baby posted photos of himself with his kids over on Instagram. Recently, all hell broke loose on social media after Ayesha, the mother of Lil Baby's eldest son Jason, accused the rapper of not paying the child's $10K tuition for school. "@LILBABY_1 JASON'S SCHOOL TUITION HAD AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE BEFORE THE VIRUS EVEN CAME ABOUT I HAVE EVERY EMAIL," she wrote. "DUE TO YOU NEVER PAYING IT THEY TOOK MY BABY OFF THE PORTALS SO HE WON'T RECEIVE ANY VIRTUAL LEARNING PROGRAMS FROM HIS SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY BASICALLY KICKED HIM OUT."

Lil Baby, Jayda, Ayesha
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

What ensued was a long back and forth between Ayesha nad Jayda Cheves, the mother of Lil Baby's youngest son. The ladies took to their Instagram Stories with allegations of jealousy and lies, but in the end, nothing was truly resolved. On Tuesday (August 11), Lil Baby shared two photos of himself with his young boys enjoying some daddy-son time to show that the drama was behind them.

According to the rapper, he has some money reserved for his sons that he doesn't plan on cashing. "I Got Some Checcs That I I Ain’t Touch They For Loyal An Jason ...... 💙💙," he penned in the caption to his post. We can only imagine how many zeroes are on those checks. Check out Lil Baby with his boys below.