Lil Baby just had a pretty eventful Super Bowl Weekend. To kick things off, he dropped some behind-the-scenes content that detailed how the QC artist made his recent visuals for "Errbody," and after that video premiered, Baby headed down to Florida to enjoy the NFL’s championship game.

In Florida, Lil Baby appeared to be having fun while hitting up various clubs and enjoying the Super Bowl festivities. At one point, the Atlanta artist shared footage of his close collaborator 42 Dugg slumped in the club, and he also hit the gram and revealed that his Super Bowl home had been compromised after fans discovered his location. 

Regardless, Lil Baby continued to be in good spirits, and he went on to link with Meek Mill and billionaire Michael Rubin while at the game. In a video shared by The Shade Room, the three figures are spotted with a group of people as they all record a TikTok to the #junebugchallenge. 

Lil Baby is seen giving an awkward take on the dance before Meek slides in with some smooth dance moves, and to the left, Rubin hilariously struggles to even stay on beat.

Everyone from social media users to NBA stars have been showing love to Spottemgottem’s runaway TikTok hit, and now with Lil Baby, Meek, and Rubin participating in the challenge, perhaps "BeatBox" will become an even more undeniable hit. 

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