Lil Baby's 2020 campaign has been most impressive, with the rapper's My Turn album emerging as one of the most impactful albums to have dropped in this damned year of 2020. A mainstay on the Billboard charts, not to mention a major step in solidifying the rapper's superstar status, My Turn proved that Lil Baby was more than able to stand tall in the rap game; it's no wonder he consciously decided to significantly up his feature verse rate to a staggering one hundred thousand dollars.

Lil Baby

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

While many artists might have been content with coasting off the strength of a major success, Lil Baby isn't ready to let the dust settle quite yet. In fact, he appears adamant in his desire to end the year on a high note, having previously teased another album before 2021 rolls around. And though it won't have any songs remotely resembling the sociopolitically-charged "The Bigger Picture," many remain eager to see how his artistry evolves following the critically acclaimed My Turn.

Evidently, it would appear that Baby's time is coming sooner rather than later. Earlier this morning, the rapper took to Twitter to declare that new music was on the way, though he specified little more than that. Given how fast things drop in this day and age, it wouldn't be surprising to see a single released as early as Friday -- purely speculative, of course. That's simply how quick turnaround times have become. Either way, all signs point to an active conclusion to the year from Lil Baby, who may very well end up as the 2020 MVP when all is said and done.