Female rapper of former White Girl Mob fame, Lil Debbie sat down with Bossip to discuss her latest EP, California Sweetheart and her opinions and experiences with some other famed artists. On the subject of similar artist, Iggy Azalea, Lil Debbie had this to say:

“God her body’s banging. I one time tried to reach out to her and I feel like she kind of acted like she was too good for me, but it’s cool. I think she’s very attractive and I think that’s gotten her really far in her career. Voice-wise, it’s a little weird. But I like—she has great beats, you know what I’m saying. She’s a badass bitch, if I could get ass implants like hers, let me know where you got’em at. I just wanna know.”

That sounds like Lil Debbie had some nice things to say about Iggy... until she accused her of having butt implants. Still, she went on to detail her relationship with Kreayshawn after Lil Debbie was "kicked out" of White Girl Mob. 

“I’ve never really been in contact since Kreayshawn since everything has happened, so we’re still out of contact. Grown up, she has a baby, there’s not much to be said. I think it would be an interesting show, you know how they have like Bad Girls Club Reunion, you know shit like that, White Girl Mob Reunion, that might be interesting. It might get a little ghetto and out of hand.”

A White Girl Mob reunion would be fun, however unlikely. Unlikelier still, as Debbie has some thorny comments about learning from Kreayshawn's mistakes, saying:

“Everywhere I go, they’re like, ‘So, did you see her post her numbers? I’m like, ‘No.’ Am I scared of flopping? I don’t even want to say like Kreayshawn. No, I think that I was a fortunate member out of the group that got to see both sides of everything and I’ve learned from her mistakes, as harsh as that sounds. Thanks girl.”

When asked whether anyone in the industry ever tried to approach her sexually, Lil Debbie had this to say:

“A lot of people want the sugar. I’m not gonna lie. Chief Keef was trying to hit me up. I love Chief Keef, but I feel like if I was gonna go and sleep with Chief Keef, I might as well go back to Oakland and sleep with one of my friends from up there. They’re almost on the same level.”


California Sweetheart drops on the 25th. Stay posted! And you can watch the full interview in the video below.