Like his namesake in frigid water, Lil Dicky has been absent for a minute. Though his latest single, last year's Chris Brown-assisted "Freaky Friday," proved to be somewhat of a runaway hit, LD appears to have put his music career on pause. Fans have long understood Dicky's commitments to his loosely autobiographical television series, which has been in the works behind-the-scenes.

Now, it would appear the pieces are coming together. As it happens, Kevin Hart (along with Saladin Patterson, Greg Mottola, and Scooter Braun) will serve as executive producers for Dicky's upcoming series, which has been officially picked up by FX for an entire first season. While a pilot has long been ordered, this news bodes well for those hoping to actually see the series manifest. 

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The series will center around Dicky's own meteoric rise, which originally kicked off in the suburbs of Philadelphia. While semi-autobiographical in nature, it's likely that LD will take a page of the Larry David playbook; after all, the man does love his Curb Your Enthusiasm. Expect creative liberties to be taken, and much self-deprecation to be had. "I’m so thankful for everyone who made this possible, it really is what I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid," says Dicky, in a statement. "I love making people laugh, it’s my favorite thing ever. And even though I’m still fully in love with and committed to my career as a rapper, I’m excited to write jokes that don’t need to rhyme every time. Ugh, that rhymed."

It's been four years since Professional Rapper arrived, and many are wondering whether Dicky intends on delivering a sophomore album at all. Still, his vow to keep going should do wonders in cooling the troubled waters. One has to wonder if 2019 will find the comedic rapper mounting a comeback of sorts, and a multimedia one at that.