Lil Dicky has been absent from the game for a minute, unless you count his recent I'm Brain EP. However, as it wasn't technically released under his Lil Dicky moniker, LD doesn't seem to think it counts. Still, The Independent Variable has been sitting on his sophomore album, taking his time to deliver a quality follow-up to Professional Rapper. Now, it appears the time has come, as Lil Dicky has officially announced some news about the mysterious project. The rapper took to Twitter to confirm that a new single would be dropping this month, and he seemed pretty damn excited about it.

"Dickheads, this month I plan on dropping my first single and video off my next album," writes Lil Dicky. "First new music since 2015. Omg! And it’s UNBELIEVABLE." Whether or not that's a subtle hint that the song is actually called "Unbelievable" remains to be seen, but either way, it's good news for all the LD fans out there. If you're looking for a reminder of exactly what Dicky is capable of on the mic, you should do yourself a favor and revisit "How Can U Sleep," his collaboration with The Game. Check that out below.

To be fair, we don't exactly know when the single is dropping, but at least we have a month. It stands to reason the album will soon follow, so a 2018 release is seeming likely. Stay tuned for more news on Lil Dicky's new single and video right here.