Bow Wow is rising from the ashes, currently there's no denying it. As for his complete return to form, his peak levels as seen in Like Mike, we'll have to wait on a re-do with Lil Durk. They recently linked up in the gym for some basketball, with Durk taking the honors and the potluck in game two, tying their series at one apiece. The games pitted the two rappers against each other in 1-on-1 coverage. As for the other participants, and their pocketbooks, it seems they've been spared any ridicule.

Bow Wow was in a playful mood last night as he posted a video recapping the action. Him and Lil Durk were pretty much out of breath as they shared the scoreline. Here Bow Wow can be seen expressing hard fought emotion. The monetary losses seem to be a secondary concern to his badly bruised shin.

Bow Wow claims that his counterpart was downright hacking him underneath the basket forcing him settle on mid range jumpers. Lil Durk can be seen boasting in the background, insisting they double up on the first encounter. 

No greater story line exists, than for Bow Wow to revisit his hooping ways. When it comes to myth making, the 31 year old might feel himself getting old, but we're not completely sold as of yet. Bow is still lil until proven incapacitated.