Artists are losing a lot of money during the global pandemic. Before the virus, touring was a huge source of income for artists. Now, they've had to resort almost solely on streaming and merchandise sales. 

People like DaBaby have already spoken out about how the lockdown has prevented him from earning millions of dollars. He even risked his life (and the lives of hundreds of fans) by putting on a live performance on July 4

Lil Durk
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Lil Durk is ready to get back on stage but, after all this time without any show money coming in, he's only doing so for the right price.

Taking to Twitter, he announced his new fee for anybody trying to book him post-corona.

"I’m going up 100k a show when they say we can do em remember this tweet," said the Chicago rapper. 

Fresh off the deluxe release of Just Cause Y'all Waited 2, Durkio is raising his price and he wants everyone to keep track of his new amount. If you're offering a dollar less than his asking price, you can expect a big no from him.

Do you think Durk is asking for too much or is his price spot-on? Would you book him for $100K?