At the end of last month, Lil Durk told the world that he would be turning himself in. His fanbase was confused, wondering what the rapper could possibly have done before it was revealed that he was arrested for attempted murder. Durk remains in jail after asking to be released and after this new development, things are certainly not looking up for him.

As reported by Atlanta's WSBTV, a police detective is stating that a video exists of Lil Durk shooting a man while driving near The Varsity in Atlanta. The shooting took place on February 5, leaving one man with non-fatal injuries. The same man was robbed for over $30K, his chain and a vehicle according to XXL

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Because of the alleged video evidence, a judge ruled that there is probable cause for Durk and his co-defendant King Von to be charged with criminal intent to commit murder. Durk maintains a not guilty stance, explaining that he turned himself in because he has "nothing to hide." As more information becomes available, we will continue to update you.

The artist has been in jail since May 30. Do you think Lil Durk will end up going to prison or will he be released?