Chicago's Lil Durk recently dropped off Signed To The Streets 3, which quietly earned the rapper acclaim from fan and critic alike. Now, Durk has taken a moment to hit The Breakfast Club, with his artist King Von in tow. The conversation opens on an admittedly scatological note, as Durk, Von, and The Breakfast Club trio reflect on the times they've respectively pissed and-or-shat themselves. Though such discourse goes on for a while, the topic eventually shifts to a more musical nature, whereupon Durk shares some of his dream collaborations. 

When asked about "real ones" in the industry, Durk gives a few notable co-signs. "Future always been 1000 with me, French, Meek, Baby, Gunna," he says. "I got my crowd." He also vouches for French on a more personal level, dubbing him a "big brother" of sorts. "He showed me the ropes, how to move, and stop being wild. He's like a mentor."

Durk also proves his own status as a real one, sending some positive vibes to 6ix9ine, despite the rainbow-haired rapper's open feud with Chicago. "I don't wish jail on nobody," he says, after explaining he was never fazed by 6ix9ine's g'd up persona. "I hope he get out, and be safe in there." When Charlamagne argues that 6ix9ine brought it upon himself in a way, Durk counters by saying "that's how he get his money."