Ever since Lil Durk defiantly announced that his next musical endeavor "The Voice" would be dropping on the same day as 6ix9ine's Tattle Tales, many wondered whether the Chicago artist would manage to come out on top. And while Durk never confirmed that he would be dropping an album, it became widely believed that was indeed the case. The reason, of course, being the statement a full album would end up making -- especially if Durk managed to gain the upper hand on the charts, beating his newfound rival at the game he so loves to play. 

Lil Durk 6ix9ine

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Today, Akademiks reported that Durk's "The Voice" was not actually an album, but in all likelihood a single -- thereby quelling speculation that Durk was truly coming out swinging. Still, it's likely that the self-proclaimed voice of the trenches will have much to say on his upcoming drop, and some have been wondering if he'll allude to his recent feud with the Rainbow-haired rapper. It should be noted that doing so would fly in the face of the recent revelation that 6ix9ine's camp allegedly offered him three million dollars to keep the beef alive -- an offer he proudly declined.

Still, that didn't stop 6ix9ine from reacting to the news with his own unflattering conclusion, essentially writing Durk off as a coward. At least, that's as much as can be gleaned by three tears-of-laughter emojis. Either way, one has to believe that Durk is unfazed by the taunts, taking comfort in knowing the importance he has not only to his own community, but to those in the rap game that still appreciate authenticity. Between him and Big Sean, who also happens to be dropping tomorrow, we'll see how many are numbered in that particular group.