Lil Duval has been tweeting a number of bold comments as of late, with his most recent tweet commenting on the numerous nude pictures Kim Kardashian has been sharing. "You need hoes like Kim Kardashian to appreciate women like Beyoncé," he said. 

Before he joined in on the mini-controversy surrounding the slew of half-naked Kardashian pics, he tweeted his stance on the current state of racism, particularly in the west coast. "Maybe I’m tripping but it seems like racism don’t even exist no more on the west coast. It’s still classism but the “i don’t like you because of yo color” shit, I don’t see it," he tweeted. 

Another follow up tweet read: "News flash: everything ain’t about race. Truth be told they ain’t even thinking bout us no more."

Of course, the Twitterverse has shared their opinion on Duval's claim where some "can understand" where he's coming from while others think he's far out. Check out the reactions below.