Lil Duval Speaks On Smoking With Snoop Dogg & Devin The Dude On "How To Roll"

Alex Zidel
June 13, 2019 11:00

"How To Roll" returns with our special guest Lil Duval!

You asked and we are happily returning with all-new episodes of our hit series How To Roll. Whenever artists come by our office to film an episode of How To Roll, they always manage to find a way to bash New York weed. Boogie wasn't down with what we provided him earlier this year and now, Lil Duval is out here bringing his own supply for us to experience the best of the best. The comedian/rapper started off our comeback episode by raving about the gas he recently picked up, referring to it as the "best of the best." 

"I'm smoking Lil Duval premium vibes," said the comedian, plugging his own strain. "You know I got my own weed. I don't sell weed, I sell vibes. All my weed is different types of vibes." Duval admitted that he is promoting his brand but at the same time, he believes it to truly be higher quality than anything else he's ever smoked. Fresh off the release of his new single "Black Men Don't Cheat" with Charlamagne Tha God, Duval told us that he only started burning a few years ago, noting that he was scared he'd get "too fucked up." When he started smoking weed though, he made sure to link up with some of the legends. We're talking Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude, and more. 

As for who's left on his list of people to get high with, Wiz Khalifa is definitely up there. He's also waiting on Curren$y to give him a call to smoke him out. Despite his high tolerance, edibles are a no-go for Lil Duval, who says that when you take one, your entire day will be ruined. Watch the return episode of How To Roll above and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more exclusive content.

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