The internet is a strange place for most people. It's filled with many who hide behind the comfort of their screen and allows them to talk their sh*t whenever they'd like. Mind you, if you're willing to dish it, you better be able to handle some sort of backlash. Most recently, an internet troll came for Lil Kim's neck and it definitely didn't go unnoticed.

In an interaction caught by The Shade Room, an Instagram user drop a body shaming comment on Lil Kim Instagram. The photo was of Kim and Remy Ma sitting side by side and the user said, "Well you need to tell them to customize that stomach part a little bit more because you could see a rolls not cute sis !!!" While it could've been easily ignored, Lil Kim did not let it slide one bit. The rapper clapped back with a lengthy comment that shed some light on her healthy lifestyle while also defending the way women's bodies are portrayed. While she does approach it in a relatively positive tone, Kim still manages to hit her in a passive aggressive manner. It was a pretty funny encounter and truth be told, Lil Kim handled it as classy as she possibly could.

Aside from handling Internet trolls, Lil Kim's been on her way to release her fifth studio album in 2018. In the past few months, she dropped off the single "Took Us A Break" and teamed up with Remy Ma on "Wake Me Up."

Check the exchange below: