Lil Nas X is just a regular dude trolling all his fans on the internet and for some reason, it's endearing as all hell. The "Old Town Road" rapper has been using this strategy since he came up, joking around online and continuing his viral success by posting memes and other sorts of content that Generation Z will mess with. From "OTR" jokes to calling out his homophobic commenters, Nas X knows exactly what he's doing. Today, he continued his barrage of troll-jobs by calling out the one-and-only Mike Tyson, challenging him to a bout and accepting all the smoke in the process.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The popular artist posted a clearly-edited photo of a boxing ring with Mike Tyson photoshopped into the ring in his fighting stance. On the right, a muscular man lifting weights is seen with Lil Nas X's face pasted on top of the buff bodybuilder before X issued a challenge. Tagging Mike Tyson in his caption, he invited the hard-hitting boxer to the ring for one last fight. Iron Mike seems to be mulling over the challenge too, commenting a series of emojis. If ever he chooses to accept, Lil Nas X already has offers from Dennis Rodman and others to be his trainer. 

Do you wanna see this happen? Lil Nas X and Mike Tyson in the ring together? How quickly do you think LNX would get knocked out?