Lil Nas X is one of the most interesting figures in Hip-Hop. Besides the fact that his breakout single "Old Town Road" completely took the music industry by storm in 2019, the Atlanta native has been making major strides for LGBTQ+ rappers, and he's also known for being one of rap's most dedicated trolls. Never shying away from an opportunity to playfully joke with his fans, Lil Nas X has recently caught wind of a conspiracy theory video floating around on TikTok, and of course, he took the opportunity to clown the TikTok user behind the viral video.

Lil Nas X shows the original video, complete with dramatic horror-movie music, in the top right corner while filming his "reaction" to the conspiracy theory. First, the man in the viral video explains his reasoning for deeming Lil Nas X an industry plant, saying, "Just hear me out real quick. Y'all remember when Old Town Road first came out right? It literally went viral...Not only that, he even got Billy Ray Cyrus to get on his song. If you ask me, that's a red flag right there. Not because Billy Ray Cryus got on the song, but because it blew up so fast, which is literally screaming, 'industry plant.'"

Throughout the man's explanation, Lil Nas reacts to the conspiracy with wide eyes and overdramatic gasps, completely trolling the original video. As the video continues, the man points out a ring that Lil Nas once wore and explains how him wearing it symbolizes that he's being forced to spread an LGBTQ+ agenda.

"One of my supporters pointed out when people get this star ring, they either die or they play a part in an agenda," the man continues. Pointing to a picture of Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammys, he says, "Probably like a few months later, they start turning him into this. This is not at his own will."

Ironically, while the man explains that he thinks Lil Nas X is being forced to act more feminine, the "Panini" rapper gets up and starts dancing, hitting the dance to Silentó's 2015 hit "Watch Me "Whip/NaeNae." Even as the guy continues to point out similarities between Lil Nas and Playboi Carti, Lil Nas continues to dance and ridicule the original video without saying anything at all. 

Even though the original video could have been offensive or even slightly bothered the rapper, it's nice to see Lil Nas X spin the situation into a funny moment.