Yesterday, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" finally lost its spot atop the Billboard Hot 100, after holding it for a record-breaking 19 weeks. The #1 title has now been claimed by Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy", which has been forcefully vying for it all summer long. "Old Town Road" has been demoted to #3, sitting under Camila Cabello and her boo, Shawn Mendes' steamy "Senorita". 

A few hours after LNX congratulated Eilish on her achievement on Twitter, he sent another tweet, potentially revealing how he really felt. He made use of a SpongeBob meme to joke that Columbia Records would drop him from the label for slipping down the charts. However, considering the lofty sum that LNX likely signed for when Columbia saw his song skyrocketing, one could guess that he won't be begging for money like Squidward anytime soon. His social media savviness will also surely contribute to keeping him afloat. 

While it's possible that "Old Town Road" climbs back up to #1, Lil Nas X may have other hits on his hands with "Panini" and the Cardi B-assisted "Rodeo". Music videos for both of them have been teased, but it seems Lil Nas X and his label are still feeling out which single would have more potential before releasing the first one. As of now, "Panini" sits at #36 (peaked at #16) and "Rodeo" at #95 (peaked at #22). 

Best of luck, Lil Nas X.