Lil Nas X shared that his track "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" is getting remixed for the next Kidz Bop album and said that they "killed it," on Twitter, Friday. As expected, the group will sanitize the lyrics which normally reference sex, drugs, and use explicit language. 

"Lmaooo they are really making a kidz bop version of call me by your name," Nas wrote on Twitter.

He clarified in another post: "not even joking i just saw this commercial they killed it tho."

Lil Nas X, Kidz Bop
Rich Fury / Getty Images

While the track has yet to be released in an official capacity, Nas confirmed that it is real by sharing a snippet of a Kidz Bop video using his lyrics. The short clip shows kids singling in a school hallway.

Later in the day, Nas also joked about missing girls now that he is reportedly single, having been in a relationship with actor and backup dancer Yai Ariza. Ariza was featured in Nas' "That's What I Want" music video.

"This gay shit was fun at first. i miss pussy now," Nas joked on Twitter.

He later continued the joking by following up with, “Nevermind he texted back."

Check out the Kidz Bop clip below.