Lil Nas X has a lot to be thankful for this year, finishing another extremely successful year in his music career with more #1s, more GRAMMY nominations, and millions upon millions of streams. On Thanksgiving, the Georgia-born rapper reunited with his brothers and his father for the holiday and they snapped a picture for social media, which Nas' fans are loving. 

As thirsty fans are trying to identify each of his brothers, others are simply commenting on how the family looks as a whole, agreeing that they don't look like the type to be messed with. Many are theorizing that, likely many times, Lil Nas has had to beg his brothers and father not to hop on their Android phones to fight back against trolls on social media, joking that they look like they "about that action." 

Additionally, some of the most popular reactions to the photo are of Nas X's fans frantically looking for contact information for the rapper's brothers -- specifically the man in the army uniform and the one on the right holding up a red cup.

This comes following the artist's team-up with Cash App to give away $1 million to teenagers, now that the app is open to people aged over thirteen. 

Check out some reactions from Lil Nas X's photo with family below.