After Lil Nas X came out to his fans on the last day of Pride month letting his supporters know that he's gay, the 20-year-old was bombarded with endless reactions from fans. Some of the reactions were more so proposals and Love & Hip Hop: Miami's star Bobby Lytes wasn't shy about his instant crush on the "Old Town Road" singer. "Somebody tell Lil NasX I’m tryna riiiiidee till I can’t no more!" Bobby captioned an image of Lil Nas X on Instagram, making it very clear that he's a fan. 

Unfortunately for Bobby, Lil Nas X has made it known that he's kind of off the market during his recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen asked the "Panini" singer plain and simple if he's seeing someone and he responded with: “Somewhat.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Lil Nas X explained how his father and sister were the first to know of his sexuality just a few weeks before he revealed it to the world. "Just knowing that it’s something that should’ve been done. But I had to worry about family, friends, how they were gonna react I guess," he said when asked what inspired him to come out at that time.

“Also how it would be good for the audience listening to me right now who will have to go through stuff like this in the future.”