There are many celebrities who use social media to connect with fans, but Lil Nas X is a figure who likes to call out his haters in real-time. The "Old Town Road" icon is preparing for the release of his anticipated debut studio album Monetro in just a few weeks, and his detractors haven't shirked in making their voices heard. Nas X's controversial moves—like blood-infused satan sneakers—have caused an uproar, and he continues to face accusations that he is somehow influencing children to behave badly.

Earlier today, the singer-rapper shared a photo of himself with a prosthetic pregnancy belly as he announced he is "giving birth" to his Montero album on September 17, and people were up in arms about the display. Chappelle's Show comedian Donnell Rawlings even came forward against the image and after receiving an onslaught of messages, Lil Nas X addressed critics.

Lil Nas X
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

"One day y’all will learn i am not a representation of anyone but lil nas x," he wrote. He retweeted Rawlings's message that included the comedian asking how he would explain Nas X's photo to his son. "N*gga said 'how do i explain this to my son' i’m screaming... If i take a sh*t on myself am i gonna have ur kids wanting to sh*t their pants ?"

His supporters have stood by his side. Check out a few posts below.