Lil Nas X has risen up the ranks over the past couple of years and has become one of the biggest and most recognizable pop stars on the planet. While some people despise him, there are others who love him for his music, humor, and representation. Since the release of "Old Town Road" in 2019, his supporters have been waiting on his debut project, and just last week, he was able to deliver with the personal project MONTERO.

Fans and critics have been giving the album praise for its catchy hooks and poignant songwriting that touches on various topics. Overall, it's a successful endeavor for an artist who has been able to shake off the one-hit-wonder accusations brought forth back in 2019. 

Lil Nas X

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Since last week, there has been a lot of speculation around MONTERO and how many units it would sell in its first week. According to DJ Akademiks, those final numbers are in, and it appears as though the artist has sold a solid 129K records. Unfortunately for the artist, this won't be enough to get the number one album in the country as Drake just sold over 170K units in Certified Lover Boy's third week on the market. Going up against Drake was always going to be a tough task, and MONTERO came up short.

Regardless of MONTERO's position on the Billboard charts, this album is a big success for Lil Nas X, and it will be interesting to see what he does in the future. The new album has some big hits on it, and we're sure the radio plays will help him over this next year.