While Lil Peep's sudden death was a tragedy, it's made all the more tragic that perhaps it might have been avoided. While an early autopsy report seemed to indicate that Peep's death was the result of a drug-related complication, many assumed a Xanax overdose was the main cause of death. However, there has since been speculation that Peep might have taken laced drugs, including Xanax laced with Fentanyl. According to TMZ, Tucson police have since opened an investigation into Peep's overdose, especially after a few disturbing text messages surfaced. The publication claims that police have been receiving numerous tips about Lil Peep taking laced drugs, and Peep's alleged dealer, one Mariah Bons, is officially under the hot seat.

In the initial report, it is said that Bons went to see Peep at his tour bus on the same night passed away. Afterward, she can be seen discussing Peep and his crew's drug use, which she seems to take willing responsibility for. Check out the message exchange below, in which she refers to the GBC (Goth Boy Clique):

The entire exchange is pretty disturbing. Bons can allegedly be seen stating "[Peep] passed the fuck out my brother called and i tried to get him to say hi but he wouldn't wake up so i had him talk to mackend." As we know, Peep's "sleep" eventually proved to be fatal, and after she claimed responsibility for getting GBC "high AF," she eventually left the group conversation, prompting gothboycozy to react with a suspicious "WHY SHE LEAVE." 

As it stands, there's no telling what really happened in that trailer...Yet. Hopefully, if Peep was indeed given laced drugs, than justice can be served accordingly. In other, more positive news, Peep's team recently issued a statement, in which they vowed to continue where the rapper left off, selling and designing merch for the fans. Read more about that above.