Lil Pump is representative of a younger generation of rappers who have used SoundCloud to fully embark on a mission to take hip-hop by storm. While some have succeeded like Pump, others have not yet found their shine. Recently signing a lucrative $8 million record deal with Warner Bros. quadrupling his former salary, the Florida native has been taking full advantage of the benefits of being a multi-millionaire at such a young age. Getting rich as a teenager will sometimes get people to do silly things with their money and Pump is no exception to this.

Celebrating his amplified contract, Pump took to his Instagram story to show off a little bit, while maintaining a positive message for his younger fans. The "Gucci Gang" rapper posted a video of himself blowing his nose into a $100 bill. You know, rich people things... While he is able to waste away money as he pleases, Lil Pump also proved that he can possibly be a solid role model to children, sharing a photo of himself with the caption reading, "Drug free gang." Following the tragic overdose death of Lil Peep last year, Pump has been one of the few to renounce the use of Xanax and similar drugs. He continues to send a good message here, proving that trap music's drug references are not always to be taken seriously.

Check out both of Pump's IG story additions below and let us know what you think of the message he is sending to the youth.