There is a lot of mixed opinion about Lil Pump. Many younger listeners idolize him and picture him at the top of the rap game. Others don't see him in the picture at all. Wherever you stand, it's difficult to deny the impact that he has had with his singles thus far. Both "Gucci Gang," and now "Esskeetit" are bangers and while his lyrical talent has yet to be displayed in full, the man can definitely make a catchy song. He also loves to stir the pot a little bit. His track "Fuck J. Cole" was exactly what it sounds like, dragging Cole's name through the dirt. Cole seemingly responded on "1985," offering advice to anybody that the shoe fits for.

One of Cole's critiques was the spending habits of younger rappers, seemingly singling out Pump. Noting that "You coulda bought a crib with all that bread that you done blew," Jetski looks to have taken his advice by actually copping himself a new house. Posting a video to his Instagram page, Pump revealed that he spent $4.5 million on a new house because he "got bored." On top of that, he plans to buy another Rolls-Royce Wraith, some new jewelry, and he is claiming that he will go buy "everything."

In the video, Pump says that he's been hearing "stupid ass n---as talking about" how he's going to go broke. The Florida rapper promises them that, not only will he not go broke, he will stay filthy rich. Check out the video below and let us know your opinion on Lil Pump.