Last month, Funk Flex went on record claiming several rappers were "wack," calling out Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy and Lil Pump in particular. While several parties like Trippie Redd and TM88 made their voices heard right away, Pump has been in and out of legal trouble, choosing to take a break from social media. After letting the DJ's comments percolate, Pump is finally responding to the claims, sending his fans to do a whole lot of spamming on Funk Flex's Instagram page. 

The Floridian shared a positive message earlier, noting that he's all about a drug-free lifestyle now and encouraging his fans to do the same. Now back from his short-lived social hiatus, Jetski is finally aiming shots towards Funk Flex, adding a photo to his Instagram story telling his fans to simply comment "L" on the DJ's page. Although the message is simple, Pump's following has already begun to flood Flex's comment box with the letter preceding "M." Pump is likely still upset about the comments made last month, singling out the "Gucci Gang" rapper as part of his rant.

Lil Pump has informed his loyal following that his upcoming mixtape is nearly complete. Earlier today, the rapper was showing off his ability to throw away all the money he wishes due to his new record deal, blowing his nose into a $100 bill. Do you think Funk Flex took an L mentioning Pump among his "wack rapper" list or do you think he was spot-on?