Lil Pump and J. Cole might be feuding but it's definitely nothing serious. Pump's been yelling, "Fuck J. Cole" for the majority of his career, before he even ended up on anyone's radar. He's part of this generation of trolls and it's clearly worked out for him as he's seen an exponential amount of success since his Soundcloud days. However, on Cole's K.O.D outro, "1985," he finally addressed Pump and the rest of the new generation. While Smokepurpp and Lil Pump have dissed Cole since then, on stage and social media, Cole has since taken the high road and it looks like he's won over Pump.

During Cole's Rolling Loud set over the weekend, he stopped his crowd from chanting "Fuck Lil Pump" during his performance of "1985." It's definitely a massive contrast since there have been "Fuck J. Cole" chants popping off at Smokepurpp shows. Pump was stopped by TMZ earlier today at LAX where they asked him about how he felt after watching that. While the "Gucci Gang" rapper didn't have much to say, he did show love to Cole.

"Shout out J. Cole. ESKEETTITTT," he yelled out the window. Clearly, he doesn't harbor any negative energy towards Cole.

Pump also said that his forthcoming tape, Harvard Dropout, will be dropping soon.

Peep the clip below.