Lil Pump may not be universally adored in the hip-hop community, but those who support him go all out. Be it the insane concert footage that pops up on social media time and again or the stunning success of his singles like "Gucci Gang," the young rapper's fan base only continues to grow in size and strength. However, a recent fan letter that Pump was sent may put one fan in particular in a category all by himself.

The rapper, who originally shared images of the letter on Snapchat, is held in very high esteem by a young man named Fabio, who proclaimed that, among other things, that Lil Pump is out here "saving the rap game." In full, the letter reads as follows: "Lil Pump you inspire me so much. I love your music and what your doing, you really are saving the rap game. You are the youngest doing this, you are the youngest flexer." Ending off his message to the Florida native with his well-known "Eeesketiiit" catchphrase, it's safe to say that Fabio is what most might call a "super fan."

Another hilarious part of this letter is how formally it was addressed, using the title of "Mr. Pump" on the envelope. The rapper captioned a picture of that pitch-perfect comedic moment with simply "I can't." The sincerity of the letter, while it may surprise a few people, shouldn't be all that shocking to those who have been following the rise of Lil Pump over course of this year. "Gucci Gang" cracked the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, putting his song in the conversation about who has the most popular song in the country. If his song goes all the way to the top of that chart, it will continue to showcase hip-hop's power to dominate the major music markets in North America. It will be interesting to see if more supporters start sending their letter via mail to the world's newest rap phenom.

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