Lil Pump may have a massive hit on his hands with "Gucci Gang," but he's also been in the middle of some controversy. Video footage surfaced on Tuesday of him and Smokepurpp being arrested in Los Angeles by local law enforcement. Handcuffed and surrounded by several officers, the clip of the two rappers in the midst of the bust was immediately uploaded to YouTube, only to be taken down a short time later, supposedly at the behest of Pump's label, Warner Bros. There was also a lot of chatter online in the two days that followed to see if the video and the story of the arrest were in fact true and, today, fans of Pump and Purpp may finally have an answer.

[Video via Complex]

As per Lil Pump's Twitter account, the run-in with Los Angeles police was not only something that happened, but one where his celebrity status as a rapper got him out of trouble. Earlier today, the emcee published a post that read, "The cop pulled me over & I told him "bitch it's Lil Pump" & he let me go." While his explanation of what went on was pretty simple, it doesn't seem to necessarily jibe with the above video of the incident, where there was apparently no quick escape for either man. You can check out his tweet below.

Whether you love him or you hate him, you cannot deny Pump's hustle game is strong. As DJ Akademiks put it in a tweet of his own today, "Lil Pump [is] averaging 1 million new Instagram followers a month... he dont give 2 s**ts if you like him.. hate him or make fun of him.. his streaming numbers going up [...] Gucci Gang #7 in the country." While some might call that overly high praise for a rapper of Pump's ilk, statistically, Ak's numbers don't lie. Yesterday, we reported that the Florida native scored his first Top Ten on the Hot 100 with "Gucci Gang," the shortest single in length to crack that threshold since 1975.

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