After being arrested for driving without a valid driver's license, Lil Pump spent a few weeks in jail earlier this year. The performer was set to release his tape Harverd Dropout but, because of his legal troubles, it was pushed back indefinitely. It's still unclear when the project will drop but at this point, it feels like it's been teased for the better part of a year. During his stint in jail, Pump's social accounts were taken over by his management team and now that he's been free for a few months, the young rapper is back to his old ways, poking some fun at himself in the process.

The 18-year-old shared an edited version of his most recent mugshot as his eyes were made to look as though he was heavily crying. In the actual photo, the "Designer" artist smiles big for the camera, which is kept intact, but it looks much sadder here as his eyes are red from the tears. He let out a virtual "ESSKEETIT" as he shared the image, which has his fans echoing a similar sentiment in the comments: "Weird flex but ok." 

Lil Pump's concert in England was teargassed earlier this weekend but the performer brought his show outside, performing on top of his tour bus for the fans. He also recently released a video for his collaboration with XXXTentacion, "Arms Around You."