Lil Pump has plenty of things to be smiling about these days. Whether it’s making it on to this year’s XXL Freshman cover, shooting videos with Gucci Mane & Charlie Sheen, or readying his Harvard Dropout mixtape, the Florida sensation has a lot reasons to be smiling. However, the biggest reason that Pump is smiling a lot these days is the fact that he just got his braces taken off last week after having them on for the past 6 years. Immediately after the getting the braces off mind you, Pump went straight to the jeweler and got his mouth measured for a new grill, and now we know what that looks like.

On Wednesday night, Pump posted a clip on his IG story of him showing off his new custom grill, but surprisingly enough it’s not iced out with diamonds like you might think. Instead, Pump went for Trick Daddy gangsta look and is rocking all gold in his mouth.

Check out the clip (below) and let us know what you think of it. Are you a fan of the gold or do you think he should’ve tossed diamonds in it?