Hate him or love him, there’s no denying the fact that Lil Pump is one of the hottest new rappers in the game right now. His smash hit “Gucci Gang” currently sits with over 350 MILLION views on Youtube, and he himself has over 7 million followers on Instagram, and yet he’s doing all this only at the age of 17.

If you had any doubt that Lil Pump’s buzz & wave wasn’t real, then this footage that surfaced online today should definitely convince you otherwise.

Unbeknownst, Lil Pump decided to throw a spontaneous concert in the middle of a parking lot (possibly at Walmart), and a shit load of fans ended up showing up for their favorite new rapper. Footage has surfaced online of Lil Pump standing on top of a vehicle and rapping his lyrics to “Gucci Gang” acapella style as fans rapped along and recorded the moment on their phones.

The origin of why the mini concert came about is unknown at this hour, but you can’t deny the love his fans had for the “Gucci Gang” rapper.

Many of those in attendance took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the lit mini concert, with one person tweeting, “Lil Pump got on top of a car and had a mini concert in a parking lot. What a fucking boss.” Meanwhile another person said Joe Budden should give him the due respect, “Lil pump really played Gucci gang in a parking lot and had a crowd rapping his song @JoeBudden he deserves your respect.”

Of course, not everyone was feeling the footage as someone tweeted, “Why couldnt a meteor just hit that parking lot and kill everyone there,” but that was only one of the few criticisms.

Check out the footage of Lil Pump’s mini-concert (below) and let us know your thoughts on the rising rapper? Do you think Pump has longevity in the industry or nah?