Lil Reese is still recovering from a November 2019 shooting that left him hospitalized, sustaining injuries to his vocal cords that have yet to fully heal. Though he currently appears to be in good spirits, it’s likely that Reese will carry both physical and mental scars from his brush with death for the rest of his life. That existential conundrum hasn’t stopped the Chicago rapper from firing off hot Twitter takes, and he did exactly that following Deontay Wilder’s surprising loss to Tyson Fury.

Lil Reese Twitter Troll

“Wow fury really just beat the man” tweeted Reese, having a laugh at the fighter’s expense. It didn’t take long for one fan to challenge his cavalier position, clapping back with a reminder of a beating Reese previously suffered back in 2013. "When u watched the fight did you have a flashback from when u got yo ass beat?" she asked, which ultimately struck a chord with the man often referred to as "The Grim Reaper."

"Suck my dick bitch people get shot for fuckin wit me dumb ass bitch I ain’t sweet," retaliated Reese, doubling down on the "tears of joy" emoji for added emphasis. Upon receiving support from his fans, Reese seemed to address his decision to take things to such a heated place. "My problem is ion give no fuck and I can't let shit slide." Unfortunately for Reese, neither can his newfangled opponent, who closed things off with a reminder that Reese had in fact neglected to answer the question. Check out the exchange below.