It looks like Lil Scrappy is tossing up his recent car crash to exhaustion. The Love & Hip-Hop star spoke with TMZ Live on Wednesday where he revealed some further details about his recent accident. Scrappy says the crash was a case of pure exhaustion, and that he had driven through 3 states during the day. He says he started in South Carolina and drove to Atlanta, Georgia, before heading down to Miami, totaling about 11 hours behind the wheel and 800 miles on the road.

As a result, Scrappy fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed into a utility pole, injuring both him and his buddy, Ca$ino Roulette, in the process. However, Scrappy says he doesn't remember falling asleep behind the wheel, but he does remember Ca$ino and himself struggling to escape from the smokey car.

Scrappy broke his foot in 7 places, and was pretty much found unconscious, before being rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile Ca$ino's injuries were far worse. Both will appear to be okay and are currently recovering. Scrappy was released from the hospital just two days ago.

Cops say there were no drugs or alcohol involved, and have closed their investigation into any foul play.

Watch Scrappy talk about the incident or what he remembers from it at least (below).