Lil Tay's Instagram account has been placed back in motion since this past weekend when an unnamed person took control of her profile. They have been posting incendiary remarks about the young girl's father, accusing him of various kinds of child abuse. The man's personal information was also posted on the social media platform, encouraging Lil Tay's 2.5 million followers to take action against him.

The man in question, Chris Hope, has reportedly taken action to retaliate against the social media account's activity by sending a cease and desist letter to Instagram. Hope, who is a lawyer in Canada, claims the account "encouraged others" to "conduct criminal extortion and harassment." He also claims to have received "threats, including death threats and other threats of bodily harm against" himself.

According to the document, the father believes Lil Tay's older brother is responsible for the virtual attacks while specifying that he may have also given access to the profile to another party. The child star's manager, Chris Jones "The Promoter," is said to have confirmed that her account has been hacked for the second time.

Hope is also holding Instagram accountable, stating that their willingness to host the offending account makes them complicit to the alleged illegal activity.